Comprehensive Services for the Real Estate Industry

With 60 years experience, the companies which comprise The Gershen Group, LLC, have assisted our Clients to successfully navigate the Real Estate Industry. We are an ensemble of highly skilled companies focusing on providing a diverse array of services.  Our services include all forms of property management, real estate consulting, affordable housing compliance and real estate bookkeeping services. Our active real estate property management group serves a diverse group of Clients including Multifamily, Affordable, Commercial, Retail and Association Clients. 

While our experience is quite broad, we tailor our services to meet our individual clients’ needs. Over the years we have developed a unique approach allowing us to bring best practices from the different property types we work with to each of our properties.  This has permits us to bring a unique set of skills, allowing us to find creative solutions to enhance each property. Whether working for a Municipal Agency, Association, non-profit organization or private owner, we have the background to successfully respond to each client’s needs.