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The Gershen Group Property Management Companies

Real Estate Management Throughout New Jersey

During the past 50 years, the property management companies which comprise The Gershen Group, LLC, have successfully operated within the real estate management industry. We are an ensemble of highly skilled firms focusing on providing active real estate services to meet our individual clients' needs.

While most groups specialize in one or two types of service, the companies of The Gershen Group, LLC have developed a multifaceted set of competencies which allows us to work in the many diversified elements of our industries. We represent a varied group of clients including municipal agencies, community associations, non-profit organizations and private owners. Several of our entities act as partners in the operation of real estate ventures.

We are quite experienced in the management of all types of real estate, our property management companies manage apartment communities, government assisted housing, commercial properties, condominium/homeowners associations and many more. In addition to real estate management, we provide consulting, compliance and bookkeeping services.

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